Our Works

Working Together with the Community

“Visit them, stay with them, and start from what they have. Make a plan, then build that plan from what they have and know. Until eventually, when the work is done, they will say: we are the ones who did it” – Lao Tze.

The quote by Lao Tze forms the foundation of our approach and mindset in addressing natural resource challenges. We identify issues, then invite communities to discuss and seek solutions, guiding them through empowerment towards sustainable natural resource management capacity enhancement.

Our Threefold Approach

Three key aspects in realizing our Vision and Mission are:

Ecological Aspect, Social Aspect, and Economic Aspect

These three aspects are united within the framework of the Green Economy, an endeavor that generates prosperity and social equity while significantly mitigating ecological risks and scarcities. It entails low-carbon development, efficient resource utilization, and broad community involvement.

Forging Collaborations

To fulfill our vision and mission, we collaborate with Government Institutions, Private Sector, Universities, Non-Governmental Organizations, and International Institutions sharing similar goals, vision, and mission with us.

Nusa utara

It is a collaboration between YAPEKA Association, Sampiri Association, and Masentra Cooperative, focusing on agriculture and organic certification activities in the Sangihe Islands and its vicinity.

Blue Carbon

Supported by MCA Indonesia, YAPEKA Association collaborates with TRANSFORM NTB-NTT and PKSPL-IPB for a project themed “Low Emission Coastal Resource Governance Knowledge Management in West Nusa Tenggara and East Nusa Tenggara.”


The Integrated Tiger Habitat Conservation Program (ITHCP) team, also known as the IMBAU Consortium, is a collaboration between WWF, YAPEKA Association, and INDECON in the efforts of tiger conservation program in Rimbang Baling.

Our Activity

Through the threefold approach and our collaborative efforts, we strive to enhance community capacity aligned with nature conservation. Discover more about our programs in the activity articles.

Our Collaborated Partner

We are proud to partner with various parties to realize the goals of community empowerment and nature conservation.